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a full time artist doing what his Passion is.. Painting !


My Background

When I was little my grand father Andres used  to  draw things with an stick on the soil in acatecs mom’s No,e little town of Momx.. he thought me that never grow up .. pinging it was his relaxing time . He w s my first art teacher, then my mother saw that and gave me some r supplies.. I asked her .. why do you give me that.. she replied :  The only time I see your eyes spark light is when you pint.. If you are happy , I am happy !

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My Medium

I   use  acrylics  on  cnvs  or  peel,  mix  medi  sometimes  , trying  to  explore  sdiffernt  tecnics  !


My Inspiration

my  inspiration  comes  from  all  those  yers  tht  lived  at  the  beach,  blue  water,  ocean,  sunrises  and  sunsets,  storms,  but  also  pets  and  faces.  using the  bright  mexican  colors  or  just  black  and  white  ,  splsh  or  r d  like  african  Art  masks  !


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